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2022 Fall Programs at Camp Workcoeman

21 September 2022 — Webelos Woods registration closes at 11:59 PM on Sunday, September 25. After this time, no new units will be able to sign up.

13 August 2022 — A variety of day and weekend Scouting programs are planned for this fall at Camp Workcoeman. These activities include both Scouts BSA and Cub Scout events as well as adult Scouter training opportunities.

2022 Medical Form Information

Who Needs a Completed Medical Form?

Medical forms are found on the bottom of this page. Please use only the medical forms found on this site (Camp Workcoeman 2019 Printing) to ensure the most up-to-date version.

All participants need parts A, B, C, and D of the BSA Annual Health & Medical Record form completed and submitted along with any applicable Medication Administration and Food Allergy Treatment Plan forms. The only exception is that Scouts who cumulatively attend two days or fewer over the course of the summer do not need Part C (physical). Remember to make copies of all forms before submitting. Only one copy is needed for the summer. Please mail forms to camp (A n: Health Officer, Camp Workcoeman, 169 Camp Workcoeman Rd., New Hartford, CT 06057) two weeks in advance or bring to check‐in.

While the COVID‐19 Pre‐Event Medical Screening Checklist is no longer required, please do not come to camp if you are experiencing COVID-like symptoms.

Scouts with Special Needs

If a Scout has a Care Plan for school please provide a copy of it with the medical form so any accommodations can be facilitated. The information is kept confidential on a need to know basis.

Please use only the medical forms found on this site. Forms published prior to the 2019 printing (bottom right corner) cannot be accepted. The medical form linked from this page can be filled out on the computer using Adobe Reader; many items auto-fill after you enter them the first time.

All four parts of the BSA form must be completed and submitted along with any applicable Authorization for Administration of Medication and/or Emergency Treatment Plan for Allergic Reactions.

Part A: Informed Consent, Release Agreement, and Authorization

  • This form is the permission for the camper to participate in camp activities as well as stipulates who may or may not remove the camper from camp.

Part B1: General Information/Health History (Page 1)

PLEASE NOTE: This information must be completed even if you are using a state (school) physical form.

  • Telephone Number: Camper’s home phone number; mobile phone is a parent’s mobile number.
  • Unit Leader: Scoutmaster or Cubmaster
  • Council: CRC/066
  • Unit: Troop, Pack, or Crew number
  • Your health insurance company and member ID are critical if the camper or staffer must go to the urgent care center or emergency room. (We no longer need a copy of your health insurance card.)
  • Health History: By using the fillable form, you can just click on each item and type in any explanations as needed.

Part B2: General Information/Health History (Page 2)

  • Allergies: Does the camper have allergic reactions to food, medications, plants, and/or insects that could require medical treatment? If the answer is yes to any of the allergens, an Emergency Treatment Plan for Allergic Reactions form from the examining Physician/PA/APRN must be attached to the physical form. (This replaces the old allergy treatment plan form.)
  • Immunization history with dates or a copy of immunization history from doctor’s office. If using a copy of the immunization history, it must be a legible copy signed and dated by the physician. Your health care provider may write “Up-To-Date” and sign in the box.
  • Tetanus must be within 10 years. Please enter this date regardless if using an immunization history.
  • Medications: This form is used by the BSA nationally, but Connecticut has special requirements for the administration of medications in camps, schools, etc. In Part D, there is a listing of medications that can be administered at camp without a physician’s order. It is very limited. For all other medications, both prescribed and over the counter, an Authorization for Administration of Medication form must be completed, signed, and dated by the physician and parent. A separate form is required for each medication. NOTE: All medications must be physically checked by the nurse at check-in.

Part C: Physical Examination

  • Signed and dated by doctor within 1 year of first day of camp. (In the event that the physical exam falls within the 30 days prior to your week at camp, you may submit the previous year’s physical.)

Part D: Connecticut Rivers Council Addendum

  • Completed, signed and dated by parent or guardian. This is required by the State of Connecticut.

Medication Notes

  • If a camper is only prescribed emergency allergy medication (i.e. Epi-Pen or Rescue Inhaler), then only the Emergency Treatment Plan for Allergic Reactions form is required. The Authorization for Administration of Medications form is not required.
  • All medications will be given at the health lodge before meals. It will be the camper’s responsibility to get there.
  • Adults (18+) with medications: You are permitted to administer your own medications; however, you must store them under lock and key or in the Health Lodge. Due to safety regulations, with the exception of Rescue Inhalers and Epi-Pens, no medications may be kept in the campsite(s).
Make copies of all medical forms prior to submission. Ideally, all medical forms should be submitted to camp at least two weeks prior to your arrival at camp; if you register less than two weeks in advance, please bring forms to check-in. Only one copy is needed for the entire summer. The medical form linked from this page can be filled out on the computer using Adobe Reader; many items auto-fill after you enter them the first time.

Mail all forms to:

Attn: Health Officer
Camp Workcoeman
169 Camp Workcoeman Road
New Hartford, CT 06057

Do not fax or email forms to camp.

Medical Forms

About Camp

Camp Workcoeman is located in the hills of northwest Connecticut in scenic New Hartford and Barkhamsted. The camp consists of approximately 427 acres on the shore of beautiful West Hill Pond, possibly the cleanest in Connecticut.

Established in 1924, it is one of the oldest continuously operated Scout camps in the country. For 98 years, thousands of Scouts and Scouters have had unforgettable Scouting experiences at Camp Workcoeman. This fine tradition of Scouting continues today.

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